A Gap in Nazareth

A gap in the text ‘where he was a child’,
‘He came to Nazareth where’ is all that my Greek
New Testament, suggesting copyists compiled
a context in which Jesus came to speak.

The village which raised him now disclaimed him,
He’d journeyed far too far from Nazareth,
In all his boyhood tale they unnamed him
and now all jealous plotted for his death.

Scribes referenced customs of childhood here
Made Sabbath habits and reading Torah
Days of Awe to Rosh Hashanah next year,
Life lived to its end by the menorah.

There’s mercy and grief in forgetting one’s youth,
A grasping at gaps that obscure the truth.

  • Luke 4:14-21 (Luke 4:16 Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis)
Reading torah

Courtesy oztorah.com


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