Entrance of the Native Dugite

Dobitj stopped us. Feet fastened to the ground.
Sinuous scales in arcing cosines flowed
(Has Adam’s time of trial come again around?)
Looped lordly on our disputed road.

Black open eyes held firmly fixed on us
You wait for me, old despot dobitj said.
And wait we did – frozen – without a fuss:
Just eye-blocked from the freedom path ahead.

Dobitj, we know, beheads its fear-filled prey,
He eats them whole, then lies low to digest.
Fascinated by laminate display
We’re blind to how meticulous we’re blessed.

Although he’s cloaked in deepest black, this other,
The splendid creature-snake, was made our brother.

Genesis 3:1-5

Sonnet entered in the Perth Shakespeare Club’s sonnet competition 2016, and published in Sonnets on Western Australia (Perth Shakespeare Club of W.A.)



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