Donny and Assad

Sonnet for Palm Sunday

Hey, Donny, why did you hit sayyeed Assad?
It’s true, he did a smelly piss in his sand;
but now you’ve deployed your savage trump card,
do you think he will just do what you demand?

You hit him and why will he be gentle?
You hit him and he may stop and reflect;
Then plan renewed violence incremental,
And let his vengeful anger flow unchecked.

In one brutal act of reciprocation,
He will throw all his foul power against you and yours,
Only one possible direction – escalation,
Settling in one blow years of niggling scores.

Lord, your people with their targeting hate,
what can we work out before it’s too late?

  • Palm Sunday 2017

Anti-war March, Melbourne, 1970. Image: Australian War Museum


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