Loving Kindness

I bow and genuflect before kindness
Supreme virtue of the Christian array,
Of Christ himself an accurate likeness:
incarnating the life, the truth, the way.

Firstly, with lovingkindness the Godhead
is filled, overflowing with compassion:
Mortals might seek revenge, God instead
loves, and loves more, in or out of fashion.

Second, God’s people desire to smell grace
to love their equals with sincere esteem,
then reach out their arms, fold in their embrace
the poor and needy and their lives redeem.

Grace-filled lovingkindness will save us all,
Acting kindly the heart of Christians’ call.

The Moebius Strip – Wedding at Cana

Press the infinity loop, the Moebius strip,
Christ’s incarnation, two become one, yes,
alloy of connubial companionship,
Wife and spouse bless each other’s tenderness.

Six large pitchers to purify the night –
How much purity do bride and husband need?
No! Throw out the rules of restricting rite,
let newly-weds on love’s infinity feed.

The love of lovers cannot be pegged or clipped.
It flows like cabernet through crypted cellars,
Flooding, spreading like a tide over-tipped,
Baffling gift of Bible’s story-tellers.

Each gives all, receives all, sets each other free,
Bridegroom, Lover, Bride in Holy Trinity.

  • Isaiah 62:1-5, Psalm 36:5-10, John 2-1-11
  • 712px-moebius_strip-svg