For St Francistide

We’re still in the Octave of the Feast of St Francis, so I post below my poem, in a lighter tone, for this year’s feast. 

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+ + +


It’s no bad thing
to celebrate the feast of St Francis
with a dog and no-one else.

I called the dog
‘God’ last night.
She didn’t mind. It suited her.

I’ve missed Mass today
and played with the dog.
She finds joy in a chewed-up old toy.

I wept a little reading my novel,
she jumped on the arm of the chair
and licked my face wet.

We met her canine companion Chloe
at the park. They ran and played at growling.
I saw a wide smile spread across her face.

She grounds herself flat, not in submission,
but in humility, greeting all humans
and dogs as we pass.

Some call her cute,
but that’s irrelevant on Francis’ day –
She runs her race with boundless spirit.